14 February: Very sad day for Indians, know why

14 feb black day

The day of 14 February is recorded in history with a tragic incident in Jammu and Kashmir. Last year, the terrorists choose this day for a dastardly attack on the security personnel of the country. The sequence of other important events recorded on the date of 14 February in the history of the country is as followsā€¦

A militant of Jaish-e-Mohammed in Pulwama district of the state hit a bus carrying CRPF personnel in a vehicle loaded with explosives, in which at least 39 soldiers were killed and several were seriously injured. This day is also recorded in history for another reason. Actually, 14 February is celebrated as Valentines Day. To celebrate it in this way also has its own story. It is said that in the third century when a cruel emperor of Rome persecuted the lovers, Pastor Valentin disobeyed the emperor’s orders and gave a message of love, so he was imprisoned and hanged on 14 February 270. The practice of celebrating Valentine’s Day began on 14 February every year in memory of this saint who sacrificed for love.

  • 1537: Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat died from drowning while escaping from the Portuguese.
  • 1556: Akbar was made Mughal emperor at the age of just 13 at Kalanaur in Gurdaspur district of Punjab.
  • 1876: Alexander Graham Bell applied for a telephone patent.
  • 1939: The then administration of Bombay (now Mumbai) proposed a liquor ban in the city.
  • 1952: Birth of Sushma Swaraj. She was a senior leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party and a foreign minister in the Narendra Modi government.
  • 1974: A day after the expulsion of Russian writer Alexander Szolentsin, he was charged with treason.
  • 1989: Iran’s religious leader Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa against Rushdie, declaring the book ‘Satanic Verses’ by British-origin British author Salman Rushdie as blasphemy and announced a reward for those who killed him.
  • 1990: An Indian Airlines plane crashes on a golf course in Bangalore. The pilot forgot to identify the runway of the aircraft. Of the 146 people on board, 97 were killed.
  • 2005: Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Javed Karim registered a web site called ‘YouTube’ to share the video, and its popularity today is estimated to be used by about a billion people every month.
  • 2005: Britain and France withdraw their ambassadors from Nepal after democracy is endangered.
  • 2005: Death of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri in a car bomb blast in Beirut.
  • 2019: 39 security personnel killed and many injured in a bomb attack on a bus of security personnel in Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir.


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