5 Features of JioPages Safe & Fast Web Browser


Jio has launched Made in India browser, Whose name is JioPages. This browser is going to be a very special browser for our Indians. Security is the most important thing inside a browser, security inside Jio Browser is very good. But more than security there is simplicity inside it. This browser is too simple for a common person.

Jio browser based on the Chromium Blink engine and browser support for eight Indian languages including Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali.

We have listed below 5 features of Jio Browser.

1. Safe & Secure

For any browser, its security is very important. No user will be on the Internet who would like that his data is shared with a third party company. This browser of Jio is very safe and secure. You can do any online transaction in this browser.

2. Fast Web Browser

When we open any website, we want it to open as soon as possible. For the mobile user, inside the browser, Google Chrome was the fastest browser and that browser comes from USA but now it has all its features inside its Made in India browser JioPages .

3. Advance Download Manager

When we use any browser, we make a lot of downloads in it, so a download feature plays a very big role inside any browser. Jio has added an Advanced Download Manager inside its browser, with the help of which any If the user downloads any file, it will be downloaded very fast.

4. Informative Cards

In today’s time, this feature has become very important, you also get this feature in the Google Chrome browser, inside which, as you open the browser, some cards will appear below which are shown on the basis of your interest Reliance Jio is an ad inside the JioPages browser.

5. Multi Language Support

This browser of Reliance Jio is a Made in India browser, so a lot of language is spoken and read inside India, keeping this in mind, Reliance Jio has given a multi-language option inside its browser, that means you Can view in eight indian languages, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali.


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