All Chinese mobile company list |Made in India mobile

All Chinese mobile company list

Sonam Wangchuk’s campaign in which he said to delete Chinese software within 1 week and Chinese hardware within 1 year, You all will know that India is a part of the World Trade Organization, because of this they cannot officially shut down Chinese hardware because India also has to send goods outside their country. So today in this article we will tell about the Chinese brand being sold with the Made in India label.

Indian Mobile Markit Share As per Counterpoint Research

Counterpoint Research

If we look closely at the 2020 Q1 figure as per the last figures of Counterpoint Research, we will find that Vivo 17% Share, Xiaomi 30 % share, Samsung 16% share, Oppo 12% share And other brands with 11 % share the Indian market. So from this figure, we get to know that if we discuss the market of the Chinese brand, then the total reaches 70%. Within 30% of the rest, Only is a Samsung brand that stands in competition with 16% share. This does not end here, because this Chinese company wants to take its stock even within the remaining 30% meaning that it wants to the Indian market. So they started the sub-brand strategy.

sub-brand strategy

What he started doing inside that, he moved away from his parent company and started building a new company.Which used to target people of different budgets and people with different choices. for Exemple Oppo, Vivo one Plus, Realme has all the brands of the same company BBK Electronics.

Means that if you take any of these phones, then your money will go to China.And see their cleverness, they have also put the logo of Made in India on the phone.

Chinese Mobile Company List

If we prepare a list of Chinese mobile brands being sold in India today, all mobile Chinese will be available only.

  • Xiaomi sub brand List in india
xiaomi sub brand List
  • bbk electronics sub brand List in india
bbk electronics sub brand List in india
other Chinese company.

So from all the companies inside these photos, it is all Chinese companies.

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