Baby Shark Dance will overtake Despacito as the Most Viewed YouTube video


You all know that Despacito is the most viewed video on YouTube. The song Despacito has uploaded to YouTube 3 years ago. there have been more than 7 billion views in this song. the song Despacito was written in American Spanish by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi, most people do not know the meaning of this song, people listen to the music of this song to listen to it. this song is very popular inside India too.

There is also a song on YouTube that was uploaded to YouTube 4 years ago for children, Baby Shark dance video received 6.9 billion views on YouTube and it will soon overtake Despecito. Children love this song very much, so this song has got so many views. many people may not have seen this song on YouTube’s main page because this song comes inside YouTube Kids. You all will know that YouTube Kids is a separate app which is from YouTube itself. This app is specially for children only. This song is very popular inside YouTube Kids.

When do you think Baby Shark will cross Despacito? Please tell us by commenting in the comment box below.


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