10 Best Fast Chargers for iPhone 12


Apple iPhone is king in the smartphone world. Whenever a new iPhone is launched, people buy it a lot. You all know that the iPhone 12 has been launched and at the launch event itself, the company has told that now they will not provide charger and headphones with any iPhone. Its charge is very important for any phone.

Now the question comes if Apple will not give you a charger with your new iPhone 12, then which charger will you purchase for your new iPhone? If you use a wrong charger for your phone, then your phone may suffer a lot of damage, the cheap charger can damage your phone battery or reduce its battery life.

Best Fast Chargers for iPhone 12 in 2020

That is why we have prepared the list of the best charger for your iPhone, you can use any of these chargers for your new iPhone. From our list, you can select the best charger according to your needs. We have prepared the list of Fast Charger of the best company, this Chargers is 100% safe for your new iPhone 12.

01. Apple 18W Power Adapter Charger

If you do not like the charger of the other company and you are an Apple lover, then you can purchase Apple 18W Power Adapter Charger. this charger comes with 18w power. It is a fast charger. It is a very good charger. this adapter charge your iPhone 12 from 0 to 100% within one and a half hours. You will get Apple’s 18w charger from Apple’s official website apple.com. It costs about $18 to $20

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02. Anker PowerPort Quick Charge 3.0

if You do not want to invest inside Apple’s charger and you want a good charger that is better than Apple, then you can take the charger of the Anker company. Their charger supports Quick Charge 3.0 technology to make chargers. PowerPort+ 1 guarantees the fastest possible charge to any smartphone or tablet, thanks to Quick Charge 3.0 and PowerIQ technology. this charger comes with 3 AMP, 18W power.

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03. Anker Powerport 2

From the Anker company, you will get to see very good chargers. Their chargers are always better than other companies. Anker Powerport 2 comes with dual USB ports. This charger outputs a power of 24W. If you also use a power bank with your iPhone, then you can buy this charger, this charger will be very useful for you.

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04. Mi India Standard Charger

Mi’s standard charger is also a very good charger like the rest of the company. Mi’s standard charger also supports fast charging and it is also available with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 This can also be a great option for your iPhone if you don’t spend much money on the charger. then you can buy Mi India Standard Fast Charger.

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05. Belkin BOOST CHARGE 18W

This Belkin charger you get with USB-C to Lightning cable. this charger is a good option for those who also want to an extra cable. You already know that now Apple will not provide a charger with its new phone, just inside the box of the phone you will find a Lightning cable. It is an 18W fast charger and its cost is around $ 40.

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06. Belkin Boost Charge 27W USB-C

This Belkin charger gets you with dual output option. you can connect your “Type C to Lightning cable” or “USB to Lightning cable” to your mobile. This can be a good option for those who have an old USB tow lightning cable. The power output of the 27W. The company claims that it will charge 50% of the device within the first half an hour.

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07. Reconnect 18W Adapter

Reconnect is Reliance’s own brand. This charger will be available from any Reliance Digital or My Jio store. This charger comes with 18W power. It is a fast charger and you also get light indication. the charger comes with Six Month warranty and now Reliance collaboration with Marvel, now you will get to see its charge with Marvel Edition as well.

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INBASE is an Indian brand. This charger comes with 18w power. You can buy this charger from Croma’s website or Croma’s store, I will suggest it only if you cannot find any charger from any of the above chargers, then you can purchase this charger. this charger Comes with Six months warranty and also supports Quick Charge 3.0

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09. Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger

This charger is also very good from Anker company. It is a car charger. It comes with a dual USB port with 24W of power. this charger Comes with 1.6 months warranty if you have a car. You can purchase this charger.

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10. Realme VOOC Flash Charger 20W

Realme VOOC Flash Charger from Oppo Mobile india. This is a 30W fast charger. The size of this charger is small, but performers are very good. You can charge your new iPhone with this charger. You can easily buy this charger from the realme website.

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