Best Room Heater in India

Best Room Heater in India
Best Room Heater in India

Everyone likes the winter season, but winter also has a level. A few days before December, winters begin in India. But before December people do not feel so cold in the cold. The temperature falls in the middle of December due to which the cold becomes very high. Inside India, many states experience extreme cold. The winter months are the coldest states like Delhi, Punjab, UP, MP, Uttarakhand and many more states which have very cold. Then we all see where we get summer in the winter season. Therefore, we have prepared a list of the Best Room Heater in India for you, inside which you can buy the best room heater available in India.

Best Room Heater in India
Best Room Heater in India

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Best Room Heater in India List

Fan heaters are the most common room heaters in developing countries including India. His strength is an important reason for his popularity. But their portable size is another advantage, making it easier to move them from one room to another. The fan heater includes an electric coil that generates heat and then the heat is blown using that fan. They are enough to heat cold air in a few minutes, but they take off after heating. Fan heaters create a noisy environment due to his fans. In this winter season, Amazon is offering up to 30% off on room heaters, so look on Amazon and buy your favourite room heater at a discount.

Room Heater offer
Room Heater offer

1. Havells OFR – 9Fin 2400-Watt PTC Fan Heater

Havells is a leading fast-moving electrical goods (FMEG) company and a major power distribution equipment manufacturer with a strong global presence. The room heaters of Havells Company are of very good quality. Room heaters of Havells company in India are sold a lot in winter. Havells OFR – 9Fin 2400-Watt PTC Fan Heater comes with Thermostatic heat control modular.


Thermostatic heat control is important to be able to regulate the heat of a room heater to make sure that you feel cosy. This PTC fan heater features a thermostatic heat control that makes it easy to adjust the temperature.

This amazing Havells PTC fan heater comes with three different power settings. In each power setting, it uses a different wattage, hence you can save energy.

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2. Havells GHRFHAGW200 2000-Watt Comforter

I already say room heaters come from Havells are of very good quality. Havells is the best brand to buy your new room heater. About functionality, well it heats the room well and there are the only the right amount of controls to leave you not confused. Two power setting are useful. ‘Warm’ probably draws less power and takes a little longer to reach the set temperature, but is OK as long as your ambient temperature is not too low. I feel safer using WARM settings because it’s less stressful on the electrical wiring. If you trust your wiring, go-ahead blast with the HOT setting.

If you don’t want to buy Oil-filled room heaters, this one is the best & SAFEST option to buy. It’s a PTC based fan heater from a reputed & reliable brand, suitable for small/medium single room. it’s completely safe.

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3. Usha Quartz Room Heater

Buy this room heater if you have a small room rather than from a single room perspective. this room heater Looks very Good but But heating is less. this is the best room heater under 1300 especially USHA brand. Especially Quality, Performance, Easy to Use, Customer Service in any shortcomings within the warranty period is really good.


  1. Relatively low on power consumption – at 800 Watts, this isn’t a power sucker like the other 1000 Watt ones (a clear 20% reduction on electricity charges)
  2. A room heater with less weight – very easy to transport across rooms.


  1. You won’t feel the heat at a distance more than 5 feet.
  2. keeps the room temperature to just more than normal when left fully “on”.
  3. Quiet less for a normal single room but will work well for small room size. Have to keep close to yourself if the room is big.
  4. Should have little more power and it would be more than good.
  5. Don’t buy if your region has extreme climate conditions.

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4. Bajaj RHX-2 800-Watt Room Heater

Many products of Bajaj Company are seen in the market. If we talk about Bajaj’s room heater, this company is not far behind the rest of the companies, their products also come in excellent quality. Always buy room heaters online because you find duplicate room heaters in the local market. Bajaj RHX-2 comes with 2 HEAT SETTINGS. with the help of heat settings you can customised heat as per your needs. it features two heat settings – 500W & 1000W to attain the desired temperature. this room heater available in amazon under 1500 rupees. so this best in our budget.

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5. Havells Calido PTC Fan Heater 2000 W

Havells Calido PTC is the best room heater on our list. you use this product to dry clothes during the rainy season. The fan heats the room pretty quickly and clothes dry quickly too. Havells Calido PTC oscillating feature is very helpful. The thermostat feature is very easy and easy to use at night when you can keep it on and it will automatically take care of the temperature. this heater comes with 1 year Warranty.

The Calido PTC Fan Heater comes with 2 heat settings at 1300 W and 2000 W respectively so that users can choose different options depending on the climatic condition.

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