Bhai Bhen Aur School Video Trending At YouTube| By Elvish Yadav


YouTube has become a big part of our entertainment. People of India love YouTube very much. YouTube Creators also work very hard to make their own videos. You must have known Elvish Yadav. They make short movies on YouTube. People like their videos very much. Elvish has more than 7M subscriber on YouTube.

Today Elvish Yadav uploaded a new video on his YouTube channel titled “Bhai Bhen Aur School | Elvish Yadav“. Within 2 hours of uploading the video, youtube was on the trending list. It shows you that people liked its video a lot. Talking about likes and unlikes, more than 150K people have liked this video.

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What’s in this video?

In this video, Elvish Yadav has told how much brother and sister love during school time. Elvish’s team has worked very hard to make this video and they are also reaping the fruits of hard work. This 18-minute total video has been made and the video has been shot inside the school. If you have not seen this video yet, you can go to YouTube and watch this video.



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