CarryMinati Web Series Release Date


CarryMinati is India’s most popular YouTuber, he started a YouTube channel in 2014. And till date, they have gained 26 million subscribers on YouTube. carryminati makes their videos awesome People love CarryMinati videos very much People always wait when Carry uploads his new video on YouTube, People always keep asking to Carry on social media that your next video When will be released.


A fan of CarryMinati asked why you are not coming in the web series, then while responding to this CarryMinati said that we will make our own web series. This tweet of carryminati gave a hint to people that now carryminati is working on a web series and we will soon get to see in the web series. CarryMinati’s fans have been very happy with this.

Recently, carry talked about his new video in the story on his Instagram, he told us that he has two options, so upload the video or give a special gift to my fans. carry told that the project he was working on is taking too much time, due to which he is not able to upload the regular video on youtube, so he wanted to know from his fans through his story that he was the first regular video Upload or a special gift video.

photo from instagram story

Ajay said that he will upload the regular videos on YouTube within a week and the special video which will be uploaded next month on his YouTube channel. It shows that the web series will be released in November.


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