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Aaja Beta Carry Teko Roast Sikhaye By Kunal Kamra

Today we will talk about the roast video made on Carryminati by kunal kamra video name is "Aaja Beta Carry Teko Roast Sikhaye" You all will know that the video of...
Amir Siddiqui Account Banned |Team07 TikTok Account Banned

Amir Siddiqui Account Banned |Team07 TikTok Account Banned

The TikTok star Amir Siddiqui account has been Banned, so today we will talk about why this account was banned and what will happen next with Amir Siddiqui. So let's talk...

TikTok Rating Again Down To 1.2 Star on Play Store (21/May/2020)

Hello friends, today again talked about Tik Tok, on the last post I already say Tik Tok is the top app of Play Store. But from a few days, this app's...

Tiktok vs Youtube Who Better Platforms?

On social media platform Twitter, a war broke out between the users of both. On Twitter, the fans of YouTube and Tik Tok got divided into two groups. Users of both the...

Who Leaked Adnan07 Call Recording?

If you are active on Youtube or Instagram for a few days, then you will know that YouTube vs Tik Tok is getting a fight, it was started by a drama...

TikTok Rating Decrease To 1.3ā­ on The Play Store

Hello friends, today we have talked about Tik Tok, you all will know that Tik Tok is the top app of Play Store. But from a few days, this app's creator...


Hi FamšŸ¤£. You know already Amir Siddiqui, he is popular tik toker after carryminati roasting himšŸ˜‚. you already watch carryminati video (if you did not watch the video first go carry...

Dhruv Rathee Trending on Twitter With funny memes

Popular YouTubers Dhruv Rathi and Elvish Yadav are in the midst of an internet controversy after the latter 'exposed' a video. Elvish YadavĀ got a lot of views on this video. After...

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Phir Hera Pheri 3 is coming confirmedĀ 

The third part of the world's best comedy film Hera Pheri has been confirmed. Thankfully, it was later confirmed that Part 3 would not...