Chingari 2 Million Downloads Per Day After The Ban Tik Tok


After the ban of Tik Tok, a lot of Indian apps are now coming out. Chingari is one of them. The Chingariapp has become so popular that it has seen 2 million downloads within 1 day in Google Play Store. It also works like Tiktok. Inside it, you can share videos like Tiktok, the difference is that it is just Made in India and it was Chinese.


If we talk about the download, then the Chingari app has more than 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store. If we talk about its interface, then it is not so good and it does not look so good.


The developer of this app is Globussoft. Within this app, you will get to see many more features as you can see the news section inside this app so that you will know the latest news that will be available. The news that comes inside the news section is not from Chingari, they use third-party websites to show news.

roposo vs mitron vs chingari

There are many apps in India to compete with Chingari apps. The most downloaded Chingari app ever seen in Google Play Store. How do you think Churari app can be famous like Tik Tok?


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