Dhruv Rathee Trending on Twitter With funny memes


Popular YouTubers Dhruv Rathi and Elvish Yadav are in the midst of an internet controversy after the latter ‘exposed’ a video.
Elvish Yadav got a lot of views on this video.

After trending on YouTube, now this controversy has started trending on Twitter as well. Dhruv Rathi is trending on twitter with #dhruvrathee

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the video:

The controversy started when Elvish Yadav shared a video on Dhruv Rathi on July 18, 2021, in which he was ‘exposed’. He criticized Dhruv for his critical attitude towards the Indian government, taking clips of his videos and then sharing his comments on them. In the video, he also accused Rathi of molesting his audience.

The video garnered over 1 million views on YouTube and garnered huge traction with 77,000 comments from viewers.


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