DRDO Successfully Tested NAG Anti-Tank Guided Missile


DRDO has done a wonderful job which is going to be a huge benefit for our Indian Army. DRDO Successfully Tested NAG ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missile). It is an overseas missile designed by DRDO. Its final user trial has been done, this means that now this missile will be given to our Indian Army.

This test has been done in the Pokhran range of Rajasthan at 6:45 am and it has successfully hit its target. This missile is a 3rd generation ATGM. That can hit its target within 4 to 7 kilometres, it can work in any way day and night. In 2018, the Ministry of Defense had approved 300 Nag ATGM missiles and 25 carrier. Many Many congratulations to DRDO and his team for this achievement.


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