Fathers Day 2020: Where and How Did Father’s Day begin?


Father’s Day is a widely celebrated festival in honour of fathers. Let’s know when, where and how Father’s Day started. Father’s Day is celebrated on 21 June 2020 in India.

Fathers Day 2020

All the people in our lives have different importance towards us. Our dear mother and father also have very different roles in our life. People say that if the mother gives birth to the child, that is why the child is more attached to the mother, but it is not so. Fathers love their children as much as mothers do, but they never show. The father works hard day and night for his family to get them exposed to all the comforts of the world. In the celebration of this Father’s Day, one day the names of all the fathers.

Fathers Day 2020

Where and How Did Father’s Day begin?

  • Father’s Day inspired her from Mother’s Day, which began in 1909.
  • The first Father’s Day was celebrated on 19 June 1909.
  • In 1972, President Richard Nixon first declared the day as a regular holiday.
  • In 1924, President Calvin Kulij declared it a national event.
  • The basic hypothesis of Father’s Day is of America.
  • In 1966, US President Lyndon Johnson decided to celebrate it for the first time on the third Sunday of June.
  • In 1916, US President Woodrow Wilson approved the proposal to celebrate the day.
Fathers Day 2020

Father’s Day Special Quotes 2020

Father’s love is unique, father’s relationship is unique, not everyone in the world has love like this relationship.

Daddy is my special friend,
The two of us are buddies.
I always like the things we do,
I’m thankful for my daddy.

Gaana bhala na aata ho, par mere liye wo gaate h, Kbi khilone kbi mithai, to kbi ice-cream dilate h, Kbi jidd m karta hu to thappad b mje lagate h, Sab se pehle dost wo mere, sab se pehle saathi..!! Wish You Happy Fathers Day 2020

Even today my demands are not reduced, even in the absence of tightness, Papa’s eyes never become moist.

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