Gauravzone Given Copyright Strike To 500 Videos On Youtube

Gauravzone Given Copyright Strike
Gauravzone Given Copyright Strike To 500 Videos On Youtube

Gaurav Sharma who has a channel on YouTube called Gauravzone. two days ago Gaurav’s Controversy is going on with NeuzBoy(we are already covered “Gauravzone VS NeuzBoy Controversy” topic).


The previous controversy was not yet closed that Gaurav has started a new chapter. Gauravzone started to given a copyright strike on small YouTubers. Last night he gave copyright strikes for nearly 400 to 500 videos on youtube, 500 is a very big number.

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Gauravzone told in his recent Instagram story that we have deleted 400 to 500 videos on YouTube, this video was copied on our content.

what is my opinion on this matter?

if Gauravzone deleted 500 videos on YouTube I am sure is not checking properly content match score. sometimes small YouTubers use a little part of the video for the roasting and news purpose. If Gaurav is not checking the content matching score, then videos of small YouTubers have also been deleted on YouTube. Which is wrong


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