NeuzBoy Reply to Gauravzone


Today we will talk about GAURAVZONE and NeuzBoy. NeuzBoy has responded to GAURAVZONE recent video. NeuzBoy today uploaded a video on the main youtube channel, In this video, NeuzBoy accepted that “It is my fault that I featured the video against Gauravzone” but he says “I did not put any news for money” and I have not taken money from anyone for news.

Why NeuzBoy Reply to GAURAVZONE? Full Drama EXPLAINED!

NeuzBoy VS Gauravzone

Yesterday Gauravzone uploaded the video against NeuzBoy on his YouTube channel. in the video where Gauravzone said that NeuzBoy is filing fake news against me and he was doing so for a long time, Gaurav uploaded this video with all the evidence against NeuzBoy.

Gauravzone VS NeuzBoy Controversy

Gauravzone has been on YouTube for a long time. he has already many controversies with other YouTubers. many YouTubers hate to Gauravzone And a lot of people on YouTube dislike Gauravzone’s videos. but it is also true that many YouTubers also use Gauravzone’s name for their video views. if you uploading a video about the Gauravzone then you get a lot of views on your video.

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Now we do not know how far NeuzBoy vs Gauravzone controversy will go.



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