Geekyranjit Blacklist From Oneplus India?


Geekyranjit is a very old and popular YouTube channel of YouTube.He uploads unboxing videos on his YouTube channel. Their 2 channels are available on YouTube, one is in English and one is in Hindi.

You all know that oneplus nord phone has been launched. The controversy started such that when news of the launch event of OnePlus came out, many YouTube got a review unit of the oneplus nord phone. Meanwhile, Ranjit was waiting when he got the unit.As the launch event drew closer, all the small Youtubers also got a one plus Nord unit. But Ranjit did not get a review unit. Ranjith also contacted the OnePlus team about this but he did not respond well to them. Now it was known that he would not get this phone, so he tweeted on his Twitter account and tagged the CEO of oneplus and told me that if I have been blacklisted then tell me don’t play games with me.

So far, the OnePlus team has not given any reply to Ranjit, if any such response comes, Ranjit would definitely share in his Twitter. Tell us what you think on this.



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