Google Introduced The Google Ads strike System


For a few years, Google was getting a lot of reports that wrongly promoting content is being shown on their Google Ads. For a few days, this report had increased a lot. All of you must have also experienced that some wrong kind of google ads were being shown on all Google products whether it is on YouTube or other Google products.

Google has found a solution to this problem and today they have issued a new policy for Google Ads. Now Google will give strike to its customers for breaking Google’s policies like YouTube. Google introduced the strike System in Google Ads.

Google has given this information to all its customers through Email.

Google has written in it that:-

Dear Advertiser,
In September 2021, Google will introduce a new strike-based system to enforce against advertisers who repeatedly violate Google Ads policies. We will begin implementing the strike-based system on Sep 21, 2021, with a gradual ramp up over a period of 3 months, for the following policies: Enabling dishonest behavior, Unapproved substances, Guns, gun parts and related products, Explosives, Other Weapons, and Tobacco. The policy coverage of the strike-based system will be expanded to add additional policies in phases over time and advertisers will be notified each time new policies are brought within scope of the strike-based system.

With this change of Google, now there will be a lot of improvement inside Google ADS. Now all of us will not get to see the wrong advertisements on Google products.


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