How To Apply Loan Moratorium For June July August


According to the RBI guidelines, the process of loan Moratorium was started by all the banks, but as you all know that it was for only 3 months, now another news has come from HDFC Bank, HDFC Bank has Extended loan Moratorium for next 3 months, so today we will talk about how to apply Loan Moratorium for HDFC Bank or Other Bank from June to July August.

1.Eligibility Checks

To apply for HDFC loan Moratorium, some eligibility checks have to be done. This eligibility bank will automatically check your account when you send your application to the bank.The process of applying to the bank is very simple, but we will first talk about why you want this loan Moratorium, would it be right for us to take it?

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2.Why You Want

If you are going to apply for loan Moratorium for your loan, firstly know that after applying loan Moratorium, your EMI will not be deducted from your bank, but the month that your EMI is not deducted, you have to pay interest. If the interest will be added to your loan, then the total amount of your loan will increase. Suppose your loan is ā‚¹ 100000, then if you extend the loan Moratorium for 3 months then the loan will become ā‚¹ 130000. You have to give this ā‚¹ 30000 extra to the bank. If you are ready to give this money, then you can apply to the loan Moratorium. I know that due to the lockdown everyone has lost money but if you have money and you If you do not want to pay money, then you will have the wrong choice, I will recommit you, you keep your regular basis running.

3. How To Apply Moratorium in HDFC Bank

If you have an HDFC loan account, then follow the procedure given below, your loan Moratorium will be 100% applied on this head.

message received From HDFC Bank for Loan Moratorium For June, July, August

If you have received a message from the bank, then a link must have been received inside that message, if you do not receive this message, then there is no need to panic, I have put a link here, you can also visit this website by clicking this link. hdfc loan moratorium extended link

After Click Link You Get this Screen

hdfc loan moratorium extension till august 2020
  1. Now choose the First Option and enter full details with captcha and click submit.
  2. Now enter details which is mention in the screenshot.
  3. After fill details get reference number form bank.

After processing this, your loan Moratorium will be applied within 3 working days and you will get a confirmation from the bank. I hope that you have understood how to apply loan moratorium for June, July August, if you liked this article, then you can share this article with your friends and family. You can share this article to your friends with the WhatsApp option given below and also subscribe to our YouTube channel or join our Telegram channel.


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