How To Connect Yamaha FZS-FI With Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X App


Yamaha is a very big company within the two-wheeler industry. We also get to see very good sports motorcycles. Last year, a new motorcycle was launched which was Yamaha FZ-FI V 3.0 and Yamaha FZS-FI V 3.0, Both these motorcycles came with a lot of features

Yamaha’s first Bluetooth enabled motorcycle

Yamaha has now added a new feature inside its motorcycle, under this feature, now the user can connect his mobile to his motorcycle with the help of Bluetooth, the user of this feature will get many benefits. The name of this feature is Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X.

What are these features?

in this technology, the company has provided 6 types of features.

  1. Answer Back
  2. E-Lock
  3. Riding History
  4. Hazard
  5. Locate My Bike
  6. Parking Record

What is Answer Back And How To Use?

if you activate answer back feature than the bike indicators start blinking and the horn starts beeping. this features is very usefully on the parking.

What is E-Lock?

with these features You can lock your bike and prevent theft if E-LOCK is activated on the bike, the user can’t start the bike engine fully locked.

What is Riding History?

with these features You can view individual trip details of every ride. this features is very usefully for riders.

What is Hazard?

Upon clicking the button, all the indicators start blinking continuously, to notify fellow riders on the road, to be cautious.

What is Locate My Bike?

this feature, the bike indicators will illuminate for 10 seconds continuously.

What is Parking Record?

Shows a route map from your current location to where you have parked your bike.

How To Connect Yamaha FZS-FI V 3.0 Or FZ-FI V 3.0 With Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X App?

This process is very easy, you just need to register on your app for the first time, if you have registered your bike from your mobile then you can login with your ID and password anytime and take advantage of all the features Can.


Download Motorcycle Connect X from the play store or app store


after the install opens the application and click on let’s start.


sign up with your personal details.


verify your E-mail id and login with your details


now click on add bike option


enter your chassis number and scan Bluetooth QR code.

After completing all this process, your mobile will be connected to the motorcycle and you can avail all this facility.


  1. i purchased the FZS v3 (2019) in TAIWAN.
    Not sure if my bike has Bluetooth….
    As above… Where is the bluetooth Barcode/QR location
    i guess if i can’t find it it does not have.

    How much to add this option?
    I guess prices similar global


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