How To Download FAU-G Game


FAU-G is made by an Indian company ncore. It is a multiplayer game which is the alternative to the most popular game PUBG Mobile. The FAU-G Game is available for both Android and Apple iOS. You can download and play this game from both platforms.

Follow the steps given below to download a FAU-G Game on Android.

Android logos on Samsung smartphones

How To Download FAU-G Game in Android

01. Open Google Play store on any android phone.

02. Search Fau-G in the search bar, and you see many games Whose name is also FAU-G.

03. check developer, fau-g game make by ncore.

04. Download Fau-g and enjoy the made in india game.

make a sure downloaded game from ncore company only, Because after the announcement of Akshay Kumar many fake games have also become available on the play store.

How To Download FAU-G Game in Apple ios

01. Open App Store on any apple device.

02. Search Fau-G game in the search bar.

03. you see Fau-g on top

04. click Download and enjoy made in india game.


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