How To Download Sandes App on Android Phone


Due to the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, many people wanted to replace WhatsApp and adopt a new app. If you see a few days ago, Telegram and Signal apps were available in WhatsApp’s alternating but none of these was Indian apps. In view of this issue, our Indian government started working on a messaging app and today a new app Sandes has been launched by the National Information Center of the Indian Government. Currently, this software is not listed in the Play Store, but if you use Apple iPhone’s phone then you will get this messaging software in the App store.

The Union Home Ministry issued an advisory in April last year to all government employees to avoid using platforms such as Zoom, Facebook and others, which endanger the security and privacy of users.

Hereā€™s a step-How to Download Sandes App :

  1. open the official sandes websites with this link.
  2. now you see two option first for android and second is for ios.
  3. click on android and apk file downloading stating.
  4. install apk file and enjoy Indian messaging app.

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