How To Get Cobra Bundle in Free Fire

How To Get Cobra Bundle in Free Fire

Hello TubeKiNews Readers! Here I am back with very helpful information for you. if you are Free Fire game lover then you know that legendary Cobra bundle is coming on Free Fire game. Indian People are so excited to get this cobra bundle. First of all, let us tell you what you will get in this Cobra bundle. You will get this Cobra bundle only in a limited event.

What is in this Cobra Bundle?

Inside this free Fire Cobra bundle, you will find four different coloured skins. You will also get two Legendary Emotes with Cobra Bundle. Free fire players have been waiting for this for a long time. Finally, it is now live. if you want to get this cobra bundle than you need to open the spins box in Free Fire Game. To achieve this, you have to collect 5 eggs from the box. When you get these five eggs, you can get this bundle by mixing these five eggs.


to Collect Legendary Cobra Egg token & exchange 5 tokens for all grand prizes. you also Chance to get the first legendary bundle in luck royale and many more items.


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