How to get Vodaphone eSim


Vodafone-idea has launched its eSim inside India but this sim will be implemented inside some states only. the esim that Vodafone-idea has launched will be available only for iPhone devices. The company claims that it will soon make this service available in Google’s devices and Samsung’s devices in it as well.


How to get Vodaphone eSim

New Customer

  • For new customers, you will have to go to Vodafone’s store, who will have to take your ID proof and address proof only, they will activate a new connection in your name.
  • You will also have to bring your mobile phone in which to add your SIM, because from the store you will get a bar code which will have to be scanned in your phone.

Existing Customer

  • If you are an Existing customer of Vodafone, then you do not need to go to the store, for this you can activate the SIM from your home.
  • Send SMS  to 199 by typing “eSIM <space> email id” if your email is valid, you will receive SMS from 199. You need to  reply back with ESIMY to confirm eSIM request

This process of Vodafone is very easy, so that the customer can activate his eSIM.


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