How To Make Baby Face Video Like Harsh Beniwal

How To Make Baby Face Video Like Harsh Beniwal
How To Make Baby Face Video Like Harsh Beniwal

Today we will talk about Shonty and Poplu, you know who Shonty and Poplu if I do not know then I will tell you.poplu is Purav Jha and Shonty is Harsh. You all know Shonty and Poplu’s video is viral on youtube. Harsh Beniwal shared these videos on his Instagram and YouTube.

Shonty Poplu

What’s inside this video?

In this videos, Harsh Beniwal, who is Shonty and his friend Poplu who is purav jha, role of a child. These videos are also made with a new feature of snapchat. Both of them seem very cute inside this video, that’s why people are very fond of their videos. But this video is not for children because they use abuses inside this video which you all know is not for children.

How To Make Shonty and Poplu Videos?

  • First download Snapchat from your App Store or update your
  • open your Snapchat and click face icon.
  • Now ok this icon as shown in the photo.
  • Now you can use this effect free

We have uploaded a video on YouTube, if you want, you can also learn by watching this video.

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