How To Play Google Pay Go India


The best application for making any online payment within India is from Google, whose name is Google Pay. Google has been giving very high rewards to its customers since the starting. Google Pay is safe and secure software for online payment.

Google has now launched a new game on its Google Pay App, that customers can earn money by playing the game. the name of this game is Go India Game.when you collect tickets and kilometres from Go India Game, you can get money from ₹ 101 to ₹ 501.

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How to Collect City Tickets?

To collect city tickets, you need to recharge any mobile with Google Pay or you can also buy Google Play Code for collecting Indian city tickets. this is a very easy process. you can collect the ticket by paying a bill from Google pay. you can share tickets With friends to get KMs in return.

  • Recharge any mobile number with google pay
  • Pay to any merchants with google pay
  • Purchase Google Play Recharge Codes On Google Pay
  • Pay DTH Bills On Google Pay
  • Pay Credit Card Bills
  • Request A City Ticket From Your Friend
  • Share Photo Go India Map
  • Play Game DailyGo India Map Daily

How to Collect Kilometres?

Collecting kilometres inside this game is also very easy. after following 3 steps, you can also Collect kilometres inside this game. Each Steps Giving Up To A Maximum Of 1000 KM.

  • Do The Bank Transfer On Google Pay
  • Pay To Another UPI ID On Google Pay
  • Pay a Friend On Google Pay


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