Jio Successfully Test 5G Solution


Jio is India’s largest network, people of India like Jio very much for its price. Because the plans of Jio are much cheaper than other companies. Jio also gives a lot of benefits to its customer with its plan. As such, Jio has an only 4G network, which reduces the risk of network fluctuation to customers of Jio.

Jio 5G 1Gbps Speed:-

Now Jio has made preparations to upgrade its network and has started testing Jio 5G. Jio did a 5G test in association with Qualcomm company, which became successful, in this test, Jio got speed above 1 Gbps, which is a very big thing.

This most recent move means the section of Jio and India into the 5G item club. As of now, just a small bunch of countries, including the US, South Korea, Australia, Switzerland and Germany can feature 1 Gbps speeds for 5G customers. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc and Reliance Jio Platforms alongside its completely possessed auxiliary Radisys Corporation have declared their extended endeavours to create open and interoperable interface agreeable design-based 5G arrangements with a virtualized RAN, a Qualcomm articulation said.

Jio’s 5G Network Next Year may be launched. People are waiting for 5G too much. As of now, there is no 5G network in India. It is possible that Jio will also launch Jio 5G phone with its 5G network.


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