MIUI 13: Top 10 features you need to know about

miui 13 features
miui 13 features
miui 13 features

As we know Xiaomi is developing the next version of MIUI, which has already been officially confirmed by the company. Xiaomi has launched MIUI 12 in India this year. MIUI continues to be one of the most popular Android OS. more than 400 million users worldwide using MIUI OS. Xiaomi has also ready MIUI 13 version. Xiaomi has also introduced new miui 13 features. Today we will tell you miui 13 features in the list.

The companies have not yet released the MIUI 13 beta version. MIUI 13 will be based on the latest Android 11. MIUI 13 beta download will be available by early next month for testing. But MIUI 13 Beta version will not be released for Poco F1. The company has added several latest features to the MIUI 13 update.

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Top 10 miui 13 Features

1. Latest Android Version 11


Android 11 has been released. The new Android version does not bring a completely new form of the operating system, but rather “ways to make your conversations, connected devices, privacy, etc. easier”. One of the biggest features in Android 11 is a dedicated space for conversation‘. However, the latest Android version also includes new privacy-focused changes.

It has been confirmed that Xiaomi will be launching MIUI 13 with latest Android 11. In Android 11, Google has introduced many features that are able to make the smartphone experience awesome.

2. New Animations

MIUI 13 New Animations

This feature is very important in MIUI 13. As you know, in MIUI 12 last time animations were given everywhere like icons, app closings, app openings, animations were given everywhere. The difference now is that this time the animation has been changed and has been greatly improved.

Animation changes the phone’s experience. If there are animations in the operating system of your phone, then you enjoy using the phone. It is true that Xiaomi has done a lot of work in the animations of its MIUI OS.

3. Improved Battery Performance

MIUI 13 Improved Battery Performance

Xiaomi always tries to make its phone the best it can be, so it keeps changing its software. Battery is a must for any phone. If your phone’s battery doesn’t last all day, then the phone is of no use. Many times, even if the phone’s battery is good, the phone does not work all day because the software inside it uses the entire battery, so a battery saver is used.

Battery saver has become very important for any phone. Xiaomi has greatly improved the battery saver inside MIUI, this will greatly increase the battery life of your phone and give you good performance.

4. Instant editing filter for photos and videos

mi video editor

In today’s time, mobile photography is more prevalent, everyone is clicking photos from mobile, even many professional photographers also believe in mobile photography. After taking a photo, edit it on the phone and upload it on social media. You can take mobile anywhere. And nowadays phones are with the very modern camera hardware.

As we know that Xiaomi has provided a built-in photo editor app. But now Xiaomi introduced the built-in video editor. This editor is very powerful and useful. With the help of this editor, we edit any video in a Xiaomi device.

5. Improvements in Fast charging

Fast charging improvements

Fast charging also reduces the battery life of your phone. The battery of the phone also deteriorates quickly. If you use a light charging cable in the fast charger, it may burn. So you always have to use the original cable which can accept the power of fast charger.

This time the company has made a lot of improvement in fast charging. the new update will not spoil the battery life of your phone. With a fast charger, you can charge a phone with a 4,000mAh battery of up to 60% less than zero in less than 30 minutes.

6. Improvements in UI

Improvements in UI

The user interface is a very important part of any operating system. If the user interface of the phone is good, then it is very fun to use the phone. The best interface so far is that of Samsung Mobiles towards Apple Mobiles. But now Xiaomi is doing a lot of improvement in it. Recently Xiaomi has made many changes in the user interface.

7. Improvements in Screen Recording

Improvements in Screen Recording in miui 13

Xiaomi has been providing screen recording facility in its mobile for a long time. Screen recording has given a lot of benefit to the gamers so that you can capture the best movement of the games and upload them on YouTube channel. This is the reason why the company has improved a lot inside it. Earlier there was a problem in recording the screen, but after the new update, now you will not have any problem in the recording.

8. Improvements in Multitasking

Improvements in Multitasking

Multi-tasking has been improved by adding floating windows in MIUI 13. Using full gesture navigation, users will be able to open and use other apps with the help of floating windows. For example, if you are watching a video or playing a game during which you receive a message, this message will open in a small window through the floating window and you can close it by replying immediately.

9. Improvements in Dark Mode

Improvements in Dark Mode

With the new update, several improvements have been made to the Dark Mode which will convert backgrounds, system apps, and third-party apps to the Dark theme. Apart from this, it will also give the user the option to choose the ambient light that matches the contrast. Xiaomi says that dark mode reduces battery consumption and also provides comfort to the eyes.

10. Privacy Protection Will Be Strong

Privacy Protection Will Be Strong in miui 13

After the arrival of MIUI 13, the privacy system of Xiaomi device will be greatly improved. Privacy is a must for any mobile. If your mobile is not secure, your personal data will be leaked on the Internet. Every time the company makes an improvement of privacy inside its new update and it is also necessary. Xiaomi always promises its customer that they will not face any problem in terms of privacy.


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