Narendra Modi Twitter – Narendra Modi tweet on World Environment Day

narendra modi twitter
narendra modi twitter

Prime Minister of our country Mr Narendra Modi Say a few words on World Environment Day, Narendra Modi Twitter an official clip by tweet on his official Twitter account in which he told what we should do on this day and he said a lot more things that people during lockdown I have translated it into English. You can read it below.

Narendra Modi Twitter – Tweet

My dear countrymen, only a few days later, the whole world will celebrate World Environment Day. This year’s theme is on World Environment Day. Biodiversity means biodiversity. This theme is especially important in the current circumstances. During the lockdown , the pace of life in the last few weeks must be a little slow. It has happened but this gave an opportunity to see the nature around us. Today, many such birds who were lost in pollution and noise, after years, people are listening to their voices in their homes. Like me you must have seen these things in social media, you are saying that people are writing, they are sharing pictures, that they are looking at the hills far away from their house, they are seeing the light burning far and wide. Have this determination taken in the minds of people, can we make them like this, my dear countrymen, we hear again and again there is water, there is life, there is water, there is tomorrow, but with water, we also have a responsibility. One drop has to be saved, village-village, how do we save rainwater is the traditional simple solution, even with this simple solution, we can stop the water if the water stops for 5 days and 7 days, the earth will quench the mother’s water And the water there will become the strength of life, so this rainy season should be the effort of all of us to save water.

Apart from this, what else did Narendra Modi Ji Say

Narendra Modi Ji also said inside his speech that we must plant a tree on this day, we get a lot to learn from Narendra Modi Ji speech today. The thing is how much we execute.

Why Narendra Modi Uploaded videos on Twitter.

Narendra Modi Twitter is very active, he shares many things on Twitter every day. You all know that in today’s era, most people are active on Twitter on Facebook and on YouTube, but Twitter is a medium through which someone talks It also becomes very easy to reach people so that’s why most Narendra Modi ji shares things on Twitter.

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