Now The Video of Kaanji Bade Wala Goes Viral

कांजी बड़े वाला
Kanji Bade Wala

After Baba’s Dhaba, now Kaanji Bade Wala is becoming famous, His video is also spreading very fast on the social network, this is the second video after Baba’s Dhaba, which has become very viral, his story is also similar to Baba’s Dhaba. In this video, an elderly man is selling Kanjibade. Every day the earnings of these hardworking elderly who have been selling Kanji Vada form 40 years have fallen to 250-300 due to epidemic. Because of this, they are facing a lot of problems.

His shop is in the Professors Colony of Kamla Nagar, Agra. They set up their stall after 5.30 pm. More than one lakh people have watched this clip since it was shared. People are not only telling each other about this but also giving their reactions to it. This video is becoming fiercely viral on social media.


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