Papa Yaar Video By Zakir Khan | Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day Fathers Day 2020
Papa Yaar | Zakir Khan | Happy Father’s Day

The Indians most popular stand-up comedian Zakir Khan has uploaded a video for the special day of Father’s Day on his YouTube channel. video name is “Papa Yaar | Zakir Khan | Happy Father’s Day

What is in this video?

In this video, he has shared his feeling for his father and he has told how we can make special days for our fathers on Father’s Day. Zakir Khan has got over 1.5 lakh views and 3K likes within the first 1 hour on this video.

“Papa Yaar  video by Zakir Khan views in first 1 hour”

How to make Father’s Day special day?

You can make Father’s Day a very special day. There can be many ways. Many people go cake cutting in their Father’s Day and many people go out for a walk, but you all know that because of COVID-19 we are out somewhere If we cannot go for a walk, then we will have to celebrate this special day in our house. I can tell you some ways to celebrate at home.

  • Celebrate Father’s Day with Cake Cutting Happy Father’s Day cake

The best option is that you can cut the cake on Father’s Day, you get a lot of options inside the cake. With which you can make Father’s Day a very special. This is the best and this option fits in your budget. You can also get the most expensive cake and the cheapest cake inside this option, but keep in mind that if your area is red zone due to the COVID-19, then do not take it from any shop because Who went to that shop and who did the shopkeeper meet, then you can make a cake at home for your and your family safety. If you search “How to Make Cake” on YouTube, you will find many videos. You can learn how to make the cake at home by watching any of those videos.

  • Celebrate Father’s Day with a Gift To Your FatherGift To Your Father

You can also make a special Day by giving a gift to your father on Father’s Day, As I told you in the first option that you can make cake cutting on Father’s Day, you can also add this option in the first option. Means that you can also give a gift to your father with cake cutting. If you have less money, you can also gift your father with your savings. If I tell you the truth, your father is very happy to see that his son has brought a gift from his savings.

So how will you make Father’s Day a special day this year? If you like this article, then definitely share it with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel

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