Protest against Agneepath in Punjab, students protest, railway station vandalized, highway jammed

Gwalior, June 16 (ANI): Army aspirants stage a demonstration against the Agnipath recruitment scheme for armed forces, in Gwalior on Thursday. (ANI Photo)

Ludhiana. (Agneepath Protest Violent protests in Punjab) The protest against the central government’s Agneepath scheme has started in Punjab. The movement, which started in different cities of the state, is taking a fierce form. In the morning, youths protesting in Ludhiana ransacked the railway station.

Police took several youths into custody from the spot. On the other hand, in view of the atmosphere, the Railways has decided to cancel 17 trains. Violent protest continues in Jalandhar’s PAP, Rama Mandi Chowk.

The heat of opposition to the Agneepath scheme of the central government has also reached Punjab. Today, youths ransacked the railway station in Ludhiana. The youths arrived with sticks and iron rods.

They first vandalized vehicles parked outside the station and then came inside and vandalized stalls and government offices. During this, the youth also pelted stones at the police.

ludhiana railway station

In this, the police took quick action and arrested 4 youths, but the atmosphere is still tense.

Earlier, the pilot vehicle of the police on Jagraon bridge was also vandalized and after reaching the railway station, broke the glass of various offices of platform number one.

Along with this, stones were thrown on the track to obstruct the track and Dukh Nivaran Sahib escaped while walking on the track towards Gurudwara.
The rail engine also vandalized
During this, railway employee Ranjit Kaur also suffered heavy injuries. Those who have been sent to the civil hospital for treatment. There was also heavy damage to railway property.
A railway engine was also vandalized. Some miscreants have also been arrested by the District Police Police near Gurdwara Dukhnivaran Sahib.


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