Pubg New State Download APK Leaked

Pubg New State Download APK Leaked
Pubg New State Download APK Leaked

Pubg New State, which was also being called Pubg 2, is going to be launched globally soon. Today we will talk about how you can download and play this game before its launch. First, let’s talk about whether PUBG New State is going to come to India or not.

Pubg New State is a complete South Korean game app. The krafton kicks Tencent from the new Pubg game. There is no problem inside this game that will disturb the Government of India, this game will be launched in India tomorrow, if not today.

When will the Game launch?

If we talk about two-three years ago when games like Pubg Mobile and Free Fire were about to be launched. At the time, he was spending two-and-a-half months for pre-registration at the Play Store and it is confirmed that some time ago, FAU-G games were also placed in a half-month pre-registration at the Play Store. So we can say that Pubg New State will be launched within the next two and a half months.


How To pre-register PubG New State in India

For the moment, PUBG new state has not officially started pre-registration within India. If you do pre-registration, you will also get a lot of rewards. So if you also want to do pre-registration within India, then you need to download VPN software, with the help of which you will be able to change your mobile location and do pre-registration. A lot of VPN software is available on the google play store. You can change your location by downloading any one of them.

Pubg New State Download APK Leaked

If we talk about Leaked of Pubg New State, then we tell you that to increase the popularity of Pubg New State, Pubg can also Leak some photos videos and a full apk file. Last time too, he did it in Pubg Mobile India. This keeps the players excited to play this game. As soon as a Leak is revealed, we will update it on this website.

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