PUBG New State Release Date


For those who used to run PUBG mobile, now there is a happy atmosphere. You all will know that PUBG’s new game PUBG NEW STATE is going to be launched. We have already updated a post about it on our website, on which we have started registration of this game’s APK file. This game will be a little different from the old game, its concept is a little change.

Let us tell you that PUBG NEW STATE will be available for mobile-only. The company has started registration for Android and Apple devices. It will not be available for PC. If you look at the trailer of PUBG NEW STATE, then you will know that the theme of this game is similar to that of Battle Royal but its map has been changed. Registration of PUBG NEW STATE is going on the website of PUBG and if you preorder it, you will get Limited Vehicle Skin permanently.

Will the PUBG NEW STATE Game launch in India?

pubg new state apk
pubg new state apk

There are many chances that PUBG NEW STATE will be launched within India. Because the biggest reason for PUBG Mobile to be banned was its developer from China(Tencent Company). But this time the company is not from China, the developer of PUBG NEW STATE. There is no link with China yet. But to launch PUBG, CRAFTON needs permission will have to be taken from NIC(National Informatics Centre). So 99% of its chances are to be launched.

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PUBG NEW STATE Release Date?

A lot of leaked of PUBG NEW STATE is also coming out. But the company has not yet taken an official releasing date for it. But according to our sources, this game will be launched before 31-March-2021 and within this time period, the company will try to launch the game inside India also.

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