BABA KA DHABA (Swad Official) Scam Exposed By Lakshay Chaudhary


two weeks ago, from the Swad Official channel, whose admin is Gaurav, he posted a video where the old age couple living in Delhi were running a Dhaba named Baba Ka Dhaba. this video of Swad Official has become very viral inside India and we have also given a lot of donations, now the question arises whether Baba’s Dhaba got this donation or not? In the case of donation of Baba’s Dhaba, now many people have come forward who are seeking answers from the Swad Official (Gaurav).

yesterday Lakshay Chaudhary uploaded a video on his YouTube channel. In which he told about how much money Gaurav(Swad Official) had collected and how much he has given to BABA KA DHABA. he told that when people started collecting money in the name of Baba’s Dhaba, they did not give the bank account of Baba ka Dhaba. people who have collected money have given their bank account. due to which, 50% of this money was not given to Baba’s Dhaba. Lakshay Chaudhary told that the Swad Official Scam.

What did Gaurav do after the video of Lakshay Chaudhary?

A few hours after this video of Lakshay, Gaurav(Swad Official) also uploaded a video on his Instagram, in which he was seen giving a Cheque of two and a half lakhs 2.5 Lakh to Baba’s ka Dhaba. Gaurav told in this video that due to some reason he was not able to give money to Baba’s Dhaba, so today he has taken out his time and given this money to him.

Now by giving this money, he has become a liar by his words Because Gaurav had told in an interview a few days ago that we have collected 2 million for Baba’s ka Dhaba. If this scam comes true, it will change the online donation system


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