T-Series Logo Changed WHY? Full Explain


Today we talk about why t-series changed his official Logo on YouTube channel and Facebook. You all know that t-series is a very big company in the music industry. their new songs keep coming in every day and within a week. some song of theirs remains in YouTube trending.

We all have seen many songs of t-series. And you have also seen the logo of T-series but now if you check the logo of T-series. now you will see that they have changed their logo, this logo on YouTube on Facebook, on Instagram of all the internet, from their profile on it Has been changed.

Apart from the T-series, Guru Randhawa and Nora fatehi have also changed their profile picture from Instagram and put a logo with the same t-series. Now a lot of people are thinking that something has gone wrong in the profile of all of them, but so far no such statement has come.

Today we tell you why they have changed their profile pictures

If you open their Instagram profile, then you will check their bio in it that they have written 20.10.20 meaning to release a new song on the 20th. Our research has shown that the T-series is going to release a new song called Nach Meri Rani which belongs to Guru Randhawa, so they have changed their profile picture which is the first time that t- series changed their profile picture for a song.

But there is no official statement yet, like if an official statement comes, we will definitely update you.


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