TikTok Rating Again Down To 1.2 Star on Play Store (21/May/2020)

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Hello friends, today again talked about Tik Tok, on the last post I already say Tik Tok is the top app of Play Store. But from a few days, this app’s creator like Amir Siddiqui and his brother Faisal Siddiqui is very much discussed. Amir Siddiqui has a fight with tik tok vs youtube, another may discuss the video of promoting an Acid attack on women.so this is the main reason for TikTok Rating Down To 1.2 Star Play Store.

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I tell you that the Faisal’s Tik Tok account has been banned and delisted due to the Acid attack on women video. Now if you go to his Tik Tok account then you will get 0 followers in the account.

Faisal’s Tik Tok account

So let’s talk on the main topic why TikTok Rating Again Down To 1.2 Star Play Store. which is today Morning Tik Tok rating from Play Store now 1.3⭐ stars are left. Rating of this in the past day 2.0 was left. Let me tell you that on May 16, 2020, the rating of Tik Tok is 4.5⭐ But it remained at 3.8⭐ on 17 May 2020 and 3.2⭐ on 18 May 2020. Left and 19 May 2020 2.0⭐ left and on the 20 may 2020 is left 1.3⭐, also today 21/may /2020 1.2⭐ left.

How do you think this rating will fall further? Comment Below.

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