Tiktok vs Youtube Who Better Platforms?


On social media platform Twitter, a war broke out between the users of both.

On Twitter, the fans of YouTube and Tik Tok got divided into two groups. Users of both the social media platforms bombarded Mims to prove YouTube and TickTock better on Twitter. The whole twitter was filled with this hashtags- #JusticeForCarry #Carryminati, #Tiktokers, #youtubers, #bantiktok and more

tiktok vs youtube
tiktok vs youtube
tiktok vs youtube

After all, why did the war broke out between the social media warriors?
There has been a tussle between the fans of YouTube and Tik Tok for the past several days. YouTube users make fun of Tiktok users and Tiktok users of YouTube users. This joke grew when tiktokers star Aamir Siddiqui made a video, in which he wrapped up the joke makers on YouTube. After this, the YouTube people also did not sit down.

On YouTube, a video was released from an account named CarryMinati, in which the ‘blows off’ of the ticket holders. this video

After this war started on Twitter. Thousands of people shared their anger on each other by sharing mimes. As a result, the trending list of Twitter continued to dominate Tik Tok, YouTube and Skirts.



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