YALGAAR COMING SOON By CarryMinati Explanation

YALGAAR....COMING SOON carryminati new video

Hi Friends, today we will talk about the trailer of CarryMinati new video which she uploaded on her YouTube channel last night. You all must know about Carryminati beforehand. If you have not seen this trailer, then you can watch the trailer by going through this link or else I have put the video below, then that you can watch the video once.

Carryminati has also uploaded this video on his Instagram and also on Twitter, has received a very good response on Instagram, anyway carryminati is the king of Instagram

YALGAAR….COMING SOON CarryMinati New Video trailer

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I understand two things from this CarryMinati YALGAAR trailer. The first is that in this video we get to know that when his video was deleted from YouTube, what did he contact or did he have a little story inside it. The second is that the subscribers of CarryMinati have become so much and they want to do 20 million first too. The most who is subscriber inside India is Amit Bhadana 19.9M and CarryMinati has 19.2M. This can be done only to two, so they have uploaded the video that the First, break the subscriber’s record.

CarryMinati has taken 9.0M on this video within 12 hours and talking about likes has taken 2.0M likes.

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Because of whatever has happened within 2 months, the fan following that has been done has increased a lot. Now when he uploads a video on YouTube, he gets a very dangerous response and YouTube also promotes it very much for all the users who have not subscribed to Carrie, they give these videos for the suggestion.

Carry will be the king of YouTube India in the coming few days. There is no doubt that we hope to carry our 20 million as soon as possible, so thanks for reading this post we can also join our Telegram channel. And youtube channel is ours, you can subscribe to it now, comment for any questions or join WhatsApp group thank you


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